Frigicoll brings together five hundred professionals with the presentation of the new generation VRF V6 from Midea.


Frigicoll has presented the new generation of VRF V6 models Midea, in collaboration with the executives of the Asian firm and in front of an audience of five hundred professionals in the industry from all over Spain. The company, Midea’s exclusive distributor in the territory of Spain, presented these new products in Madrid and Barcelona with the presence of the company’s top executives.

The event featured a presentation by Juan Sabriá, managing director of Frigicoll, who reviewed the main milestones of the Spanish company, which has more than 60 years of history in our country. It currently has over 450 employees and a turnover of more than €200 million per annum.

During his participation, he also highlighted the importance of the alliance between Midea and Frigicoll. Thanks to this, Frigicoll is strengthening its position as a benchmark in the air-conditioning sector, since Midea is one of the leading air-conditioning manufacturers worldwide, and this allows the company to offer a distinctive value proposition thanks to its wide range.

Eduardo Romano, manager of the Frigicoll Air Conditioning and Energy business unit, highlighted the attributes of Midea, a company that, in addition to manufacturing air conditioners, has a wider range of household appliances, especially white goods and PAE. The Midea group is among the 500 most important companies in the world according to Forbes, with an annual turnover of 34 billion dollars. Its commitment to robotics and automation, including its acquisition of KUKA, has consolidated it as a technology giant.

Josep Castelar, sales manager for HVAC and Energy, led the presentation of the new generation of the VRF V6 All DC Inverter. These units are outstanding for their greater capacity and compact installation space, high efficiency, great adaptability, high reliability and their smart control system.

Among the advantages that the new generation of VRF offer is the reduced need for cooling systems to achieve large capacities, which means a reduction in the length of piping and wiring required, and thus a simpler and more economical installation. The external unit of the single module can reach a capacity of 32 HP and can be combined with up to four machines, achieving a total capacity of 128 HP.

In addition, it is highly efficient thanks to its EMS (Energy Management System), as the evaporation temperature (in cooling mode) and the condensation temperature (in heating) are adjusted automatically to maximise convenience and energy efficiency. The plate heat exchanger also contributes to this efficiency as a secondary sub-cooler to obtain sub-cooling of up to 18°C and improve the energy efficiency by 10%.

Meanwhile, the V6 Series offers great adaptability thanks to a wide range of operating temperatures: From -25°C to 48°C. The official exclusive distributor for Midea throughout the national territory is Frigicoll, a Spanish family firm with 60 years of history, a pioneer in the introduction of technological solutions of leading brands in the sectors of air conditioning, refrigerated transport, hospitality, refrigeration for supermarkets and household electrical appliances.