Technology and minimalism in the kitchen


Falmec presents two new built-in innovative solutions: Virgola No-Drop and Gruppo Incasso E.ion®, which combine liner design with Falmec technology. 

Virgola No-Drop and Gruppo Incasso E.ion® are the new built-in hoods equipped with high-tech solutions studied by Falmec, whose key basis are also research and development. Falmec has chosen to follow the path of innovation producing smart and useful solutions that enhance life quality in everyday kitchen activities.  

Virgola No-Drop efficiently faces the problem of dripping condensation, especially frequent when using induction hobs, that do not have flames to reduce vapours.  No-Drop System patented technology solves this problem that affects cooking activities and also furniture maintenance by using a battery of metal cross-bladed filters. They condense cooking vapours, that firstly glide through an inclined duct and then are collected in a special space. Metallic filters, usually used to collect greases and oils deriving from cooking, are disposed to capture every single particle of condensation and to drive it into a manifold that facilitates its collection and disposal. Filters are also equipped with a special treatment that prevents the formation of drops from steam and fumes, which are spread and pulverized evenly on the surface.  

It will be available starting from September, in three different sizes (60, 90 and 120 cm), with a highly efficient 800 m3/h motor, electronic control with 4 speed and dynamic LED light (to adjust the hood light temperature to the kitchen’s mood).  

The new version of Gruppo Incasso has been equipped with Falmec E.ion® System patented technology. It is a built-in model perfect for the existing trend of minimalistic design.  

This hood sanitise the air using a controlled bipolar ionization which make indoor air quality similar to outdoor one, reducing bad odours and harmful substances (such as bacteria, viruses, pollens, moulds and mites). Ions help us to feel happier, healthier and more focused. Gruppo Incasso E.ion®, has a sensor that constantly monitors the presence of polluting agents showing air quality on a leaf display, which changes colour from yellow (poor air quality) to green (pure air).  

This hood has also Auto mode to always grant the best air quality in your home.  


La marca italianaFalmec ha redefinido concepto de aspiración en la cocina, con una innovación revolucionaria que combina experiencia y conocimiento en la renovación del aire. El distribuidor oficial de la marca para el territorio nacional es Frigicoll, una empresa familiar española con 60 años de historiapionera en la introducción de soluciones tecnológicas de marcas líderes en los sectores de la climatización, el transporte refrigerado, la hostelería, la refrigeración para supermercados y los electrodomésticos.