FrigiKern and KuvutCooler lookers arrive at the Madrid Metro


These lockers can also be used to collect food shopping from supermarkets whenever the user chooses.

Caption // Kuvutbox smart cooler box, with FrigiKern technology, in the concourse of the “Nuevos Ministerios” Metro station in Madrid, entering from Paseo de la Castellana. //
29 June, Madrid. Kuvut and FrigiKern have installed lockers to pick up and try products at two Madrid Metro stations. The novelty of these lockers is that they are refrigerated, which means that they can store fresh and frozen products without interrupting the refrigeration chain. Through the free app “Kuvut” users can sign up and collect the new yoghurt Kaiku Lactose-Free Mix, Alminuto® dishes from La Gula® del Norte, the new American Style Pizza recipes from Buitoni or the chocolate Fibre One brownies from the lockers, to enjoy during the football World Cup.

Both companies presented these smart lockers at the Alimentaria trade fair in Barcelona, meeting with notable success and a warm reception from those present. The product offers an outstanding innovation: for the first time if offers the possibility of distributing samples of cold or frozen products as well as products at room temperature. With a code that the user will obtain via the Kuvut app, one can go to the locker and, when you enter the code, the door that houses your product will open.

The Kuvut app and the smart lockers installed in the Madrid metro will allow thousands of consumers to try innovative products of all kinds. Samples and products of new yoghurts, drinks, ice cream, food and other new items on the market can be tried out first of all by the Kuvut social community. Users will just have to register, withdraw the product and give their opinion to the brand through Kuvut. In this way, consumers have a voice and become important in brand marketing.

FrigiKern lockers are also intended for other uses, such as collecting online food purchases at the time and place that the user chooses. The user does their shopping at their trusted supermarket, receives an unlocking code and, when he or she enters it in the machine, the compartments that house the purchase(s) will be progressively opened based on three temperature ranges: room temperature, chilled and frozen.

Refrigerated lockers are a source of innumerable advantages for cities: they allow traffic to be limited in some areas without depriving users of services, they reduce pollution, empower the citizen, etc.

It was not for nothing that the organisers of the Smart City World Expo decided to reward the solution that combined refrigerated lockers and electric transport as the best mobility

solution for a “Smart City” in November 2017. And this same solution is the one that FrigiKern is going to put into practice to deliver the service to Kuvut.

The lockers have been set up in the Nuevos Ministerios and Cuatro Caminos Metro stations, thus serving different types of user profiles that will be able to pick up their products as they pass through the station, after they have enrolled in the Kuvut campaigns to collect, test and comment on them.


FrigiKern, a company set up by Pudo International AG and Frigicoll S.A. PUDO owns a network of intelligent lockers that provide a solution to deliveries in the “last mile”. It is a part of the Kern AG Group, a Swiss multinational with over 70 years’ experience in the logistics sector. Frigicoll S.A. is a Spanish family firm with 60 years of history, a pioneer in the introduction of technological solutions of leading brands in the sectors of air conditioning, refrigerated transport, hospitality, refrigeration for supermarkets and household appliances.